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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Just keep swimming!!!

P.S: Inspired by the three magical words of Dory(courtesy: Finding Nemo/Dory)

In the fish world...

What do you do when you are in the water and see all fishes swimming around?
Just keep swimming.

What do you do when on your way you realize ocean is too deep and surface is too high?
Just keep swimming.

What do you do when you come across obstacles and you are unsure of your strength?
Just keep swimming.

What do you do when you do not know your destination and how far you need to go?
Just keep swimming.

In our world...

In the roller coaster ride, each down slide, the state of plummeting down a hill, we experience a unique sinking feeling in stomach. A feeling where we almost feel like each part of the body is falling weightless. But we know we are going to be OK. And so willingly get onto the ride.

Same way, if we can remember, we may fall 100 times or 1000 times or more in our pursuit of life, we will rise. We are going to be OK. Then the journey is on. As we know, every failure is a stepping stone.  All we need is intent to rise, will power, courage and patience. Each time we fall, we can and will rise only if we want to. So, just keep swimming until you reach the end.

What does life give us? Depends on what we deposited in our account: Karmic account. Or so to speak, whatever you sow, so shall you reap. Focusing energies on outside world and comparing one's own life, blaming it on opportunities, luck, fate etc may not help in desolate situations.What helps is endurance. There is one thing life gives to everyone irrespective of Karma. Life LESSONS. I read somewhere that you get lessons until you really LEARN from them. Its really amazing to be forgiving but not forgetting. We need to LEARN from experiences, clean the heart, forgive and move on.

There will be times when you feel empty, no motivation, no inspiration, no reason to be what you strive to be. You may feel its all over. You may feel nothing is going to be right with you anymore. You may feel that your times have ended. But still that is not the end. As long as all the senses of body function well, as long as all the body parts are working the way they should it is not the end. The only end can be end of life. Until then, just keep swimming.

The very feeling of not being able to move in the direction you want to, means that there is the fire still
lit in you. There's that intent and desire to do what you want to do. That's good enough.  No need to push yourself to extremes. No motivation ? that's OK!. You can be shutoff for a while. But keep moving, may be in a slow pace. Just keep swimming.

Time changes, time heals, time brings you the needed energy in its own pace. Just take it slow. One step at a time, embrace the feeling you have at the moment and keep swimming.

When someone just starts to learn swimming, think of the journey. It begins at 3 ft or 4 ft and goes on to may be 18 ft deep or more. 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters. Something one would not perhaps have had in their mind when they began. The times when they would swim like 100 meters or less, pause and gasp. Swimming sideways to catch side railings for support. Then finally finding the way to swim away.The times when one is closing eyes and swimming as fast as they can since they do not want to see the end. Just want to finish it. That's it. Because they are scared of the distance, and the hardship in the journey. And once and only once it takes to reach the end then you know you can do it.

Instead of looking around and seeing the people who are swimming faster than you, people who are winning races, if you start focusing on your journey and enjoy every bit of the learning experience its much fulfilling and joyous. Keeping
in mind, where you came from, where you began, how far you made it. So again, the summary is "just keep swimming".


What do you do when every step you take brings you to new obstacles?
Face it, head on.

What do you do when you are failing at every step?
Take the step up. Its a ladder to move up.

What do you do when actions of everyone around you including your own people, pull you down, make you feel worthless, manage to work with your brain to influence you on the negative side?
Calm down, step back, go away from everyone and get closer to yourself. Look at your inner self. Follow your OWN instincts.

What do you do when life seems empty and you just don't want to do anything?
Embrace it, give yourself a break. Shutdown and take a pause. Nothing will break. Life still moves on. Your train will come in the next hour so you could continue your journey.

What do you do when you are unpleasantly surprised by life each time you are prepared to fight and there is a new challenge?
Take it up. Fight it. Winners don't quit.

Essence ....again... JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!

Every night must bring a sunrise to follow.
Every fall must bring a spring to follow.
Every pain must heal.
Every prayer must be ANSWERED.
Every failure must march towards SUCCESS.


Friday, November 11, 2016


Many times I wonder thinking about relationships and people in general. Like, how we meet people in life, how we have an instant connection with some and an immediate disconnect with some. Often, although unintentional,  we just end up judging people. Categorizing them, branding them, creating first(strong) impressions of people we hardly know. Judging someone based on the limited visibility we have of their life/lifestyle.

So all this connect I am talking about, per most philosophical and spiritual view points, it is all Karmic(call it Karma). We have to have some Karmic account balances with people from previous times (or janmas) to feel anything for a person. Which is what compels one to either get connected or disconnected in a moment. I believe in this thought process strongly. I feel that no one walks into our lives without a reason. Whether it is about liking someone, loving someone or hating someone. Each feeling certainly has a reason. We must learn to respect that feeling and move on.

Mother, father, spouse, children, family, friends all happen for a reason. Just like we don't get to chose our family, just like we don't get to chose our birth and death we don't get to chose friends and people we dislike. They all happen for a reason. Each and every relation/connection of a person to another is actually soul to soul connection.

Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other says Paulo Coehlo in his book "The Alchemist". So true. The encounters are planned so the souls can meet up and settle their past account dues(Karmic). This might explain to a certain extent why we tend to be judgmental about people without our knowledge. Why we block our minds at times not to accept anything beyond those first impressions.  Break that. Start accepting life as it comes. Start loving. Heart feels lighter and gives way to love. Like Maya Angelo quotes, Love is liberation. You love, you liberate your soul breaking the chains of negativity.

Back on the topic about connections with people, I have been fortunate to have some beautiful soul connections in my life. I found my soul mate, my best friends for life, my mentors, my gurus. Older than me, younger than me, very elderly, men, women even kids. Two of these relations are the most precious to me. I do not know what to call them. They are very special because really there is nothing common between us and we are 30 plus years apart from each other but still bonded somehow. A friend's mom (Sudha Aunty), another friend's sister(Mala garu).

Unfortunately Mala garu, is not in this world anymore physically. She saw me just once and instantly loved me. We would spend hours discussing all possible topics in the world from music to people to customs to Indian culture etc. and enjoyed each other's company so much for 2 years. Mala garu migrated to US about 42 years ago. She would miss me very badly if I did not call her for a week. I am not sure what bonded us so tight. She was in her 80s and I was in 30s. It just happened. I miss her a lot.

And then, Sudha aunty. This is a very special relationship. Because we loved each other even before we actually met in person. Just a small quick conversation over phone and that's it. We would talk over phone occasionally and no lengthy conversations, but there is some connection. Met her couple of times and when I see her eyes shine bright as soon as she sees me it gives me tons of energy. Fills me up with love. Aunty and me are 35 plus years apart.

Wonder what can I give back to all these people in return for being in my life. I just love them beyond imagination.

Recently had another such encounter. Latha and I have been friends for a while over social media but never got an opportunity(created an opportunity) to spend some good time. One meeting and we got connected so well with each other and felt very comfortable. We have no school connection, no city connection, no work connection nothing at all. Perhaps, just soul connection :) .

Latha, you made me think about this and made me put these thoughts in writing today after a long gap. Thank You :)

Stay Happy. Stay Peaceful. Stay Blessed.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Passing clouds

Unintentionally convoluted so deeply into the roller coaster of life , missed to capture many of  such emotions which were to be treasured in blogs like this. Here's a little something straight from the  heart on to the blog. Especially for those friends that constantly encourage me to write blogs. Thank you, you know who you are.

In a world where most of the relationships are more materialistic, more artificial, more synthesized and more based on analytical and logical reasoning, can there be a pure soul connection?  People come and people go. Each one teaching life lessons if we are willing to learn. Some people make lasting impressions while some we don't even remember. Some relations become very precious and some we don't know how we ended up there. Did you ever get into a situation in life where you asked yourself  - why me?

Wonder if anyone ever found answer to the - WHY ME - question.  

People say everything happens for a reason. 
If you believe in this thought then it becomes easier to handle tough situations. Also helps build acceptance of situations. If we have this level of acceptance, and if ever we get to a crossroad in life and do not know which is the right way to go then the inner strength will be so strong to show the way and give courage. The belief that everything ever happened or happening is for a reason is really really strong. All will be well at the end. If it is not well now then it is perhaps not the end. 

Each person that walks into our life has a specific role to play. Their character is limited per their creation. So when people do not meet our expectations we need to understand that our expectation is beyond limits.

I read somewhere that people are like clouds. And you as a soul are like the earth. You have to remain grounded. Clouds come and clouds go. Some condense even more and collide and fall as rain and reach you coz that's meant to be and other clouds just pass by. 

Some days in life are very cloudy while some other days are very dry. Sometimes there are those days when you have had too much of heat and when you least expect some un-season clouds just spread all over the sky with waves and waves of strong breeze that you would actually start expecting heavy rains. But either there will be a drizzle or , as you know, with too much of wind the clouds pass over clearing way for the beautiful sky to bring sunshine. So don't just get carried away with those transient moments my friends - for  Sunshine brings light into life than gloomy days of rain.

Have you ever experienced that moment in life when you feel like you are on top of the world and very quickly that feeling takes a complete turn, up-side down making you realize that it was actually a mirage - an illusion caused by hallucination of your thoughts. Thoughts -  because of some hidden desires or ambitions or sometimes because we are driven to it by some fake situations or fake words or fake people. As long as we remain grounded and are aware of the ground reality, we remain ourselves. But if this "fake"ness gets into us as a slow poison then it takes the same effect as poison which is the end of "you" or "me".  A strong blow of pain of reality is much better than a momentary false happiness.

After all clouds are meant to be passing by....people are meant to be passing clouds.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ye zameen chand se behtar....

If you are someone who loves music as much as you can live every minute with it (if life permits),  if you are someone who in your heart of hearts always live in that imaginary musical world that you have unknowingly created and if you have boundary less infinite love for a musician, no you do not need to be a music connoisseur. Just a devoted lover. Then this blog post might be worth a read since there is a greater chance that some of you might connect with this - more so at musical emotional levels.

I felt ecstatic that moment in my life - Sep 6th 2015 - a date that I will remember and cherish for years to come. I have had a chance to physically see and hear my all time favorite singer THE ONE AND ONLY - THE VERSATILE - EVER CHARMING - EVER YOUTHFUL - ASHA BHONSLE jee live on stage.

She entered the stage with such grace such vibrancy that you are sure to go WOWWW as you see her walk up to the front of the stage. Her voice was so deep, so clear, so sweet, so mischievous even now and of course so musical even as she talks to the audience and shares her experiences. Not that we all expected her to perform for a 2 plus hours musical concert at 80 plus. Am sure all fans were there just to see and hear her live in front of the eyes even if it were for few minutes. Auditorium was packed tight with 95% occupancy.  Her intro was her own signature song BGM for "Churaliya hai tumne.." while she started the concert with one of her most popular number of none other but O P Nayyar composition from 1958..."Aayiye meherbaan...baithiye jaaneja". You can't escape not visualizing the naughtiness and mischief of Madhubala in Asha jee's voice. WOWWWW...what an entry that was. Clad in a beautiful pink saree she swept away all the hearts at once - thrilled and amazed crowd got glued to her until she took her first break.

72 years of singing leaving her place untouched with the Guinness book of world records. Recollecting her times with her father , sister and family as a child she says "Main kuch bhi gaati hoon. dus saal ki umar se gaa rahi hoon. bhajan se lekar helen kaa gaana tak. Bus munni nahi gaaongi...naahi shoba ki jawani (she meant shiela ki jawani LOL)" and laughts it off. She was vibrant, charming, energetic, witty, naughty and elegant all at once.    

When you think of her, how many songs come to your mind that you want to hear at that moment? Countless numbers of those thousands and thousands of bollywood hits bringing her voice as innocent as it needs to be, as flirtatious as it can be, as heartbroken as it should be, as naughty as it has to be or as reverent as it occurs to be. 

Read somewhere that Asha jee had collaborated not just with film composers but also with Indian classical musicians, like Ali Akbar Khan and with Westerners from Boy George to Michael Stipe of R.E.M to the Kronos Quartet. Now think of these unforgettable numbers - from classical to ghazal to folk to club song - Piya bavree from Khoobsoorat, In Ankhon ki Masti from Umrao Jaan ( It is sooo hard to pick one song from Umrao jaan indeed) , jhumka girare bareli ke bazaar me from Mera saaya, timeless classic dum maro dum, never before never after song "Mera kuch samaan tumhare paas pada hai " from Ijaazat as it can be this list is endless. 

The more I keep thinking of her the more I want to listen, the more I listen the more I want to explore, the more time I spend the more I get into a trance. Yes I must say I am entranced in her voice her singing her style and her Charisma. 

Asha jee simply hypnotizes her audience/listeners not just with her singing versatility but her exceptional energy levels. "Agar main nahi gaati to main hee nahi hoti" she says. She is born for music or may be music is born for her. Needless to talk about her versatile singing talent. What I am trying to share is that lovely persona that charisma that fans get mesmerized by. Recollecting her association with her family and of course Panchamda's influence on her she shared many such stories to keep the audience stay connected with her. Beautiful melody "Do lafzon kee hai dil ki kahani " still echoes in my ears with the Kashthi wale ki kahani that she shared. As she paid tribute to her loving sister the LEGEND Latha jee with "Lag jaa gale ke fir ye haseen raat ho na ho" there was sudden silence in the auditorium with moist eyes. One cannot escape that magic. 

Must and should mention about her 11 member musicians team, they were all amazingly superb under the direction of Nitin Shankar. Fantastic support elevating the mood of each song. A remarkable and most unforgettable experience was with her Umrao Jaan ghazals (the aalaap that marks the beginning of Dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan leejiye and the anthara part of In Ankhon ki masti ke ) which she rendered in completely new flavor showcasing her immense and deep knowledge and abilities. I want to transform her lines when she sings "In aankhon ki masti ke mastane hazaaron hain" and say aankhon ka toh hum zikr nahi kar sakte lekin inki aawaaz ki masti ke mastane hazaaroon hain....hazaar kya lakhon mein hain

With each break she returns beautifully dressed with a different saree each time the last one being a silver shimmer saree. Vivaciously Asha jee comes back on to the stage picking up one of the most haunted numbers Dum maro dum followed by Piya tu ab to aaja which can be easily lip sync'd to Helen's performance played on the screen behind her. It was simply mind blowing. Let me remind you again Asha jee is now 83. 

If ever I want to hear her soulful singing I get stuck to one of her soulful rendition of Gulzar  - especially when she sings these lines - "Ek sau sola chand ki raatein , ek tumhare kandhe ka til", "ek ijaazat dedo bas jab inko dafnaaoongi main bhi wahin sojaaoongi" - unforgettable from "Mera kuch saamaan tumhare paas pada hai" This song remains in my heart forever. 

I want to now borrow Qayyam saab's ghazal from Umrao jaan to say - 

yaad aapki kabhi dastak kabhi saragoshi se
din dhale yun aapki aawaz bulaati hai hamen

zindagi jab bhi aapki bazm mein laati hai hamen

ye zamin chand se behatar nazar aati hai hamen

May GOD give you longer life and happiness Asha jee. With lots and lots and lots of love wishing you a very very Happy Birthday.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Want to say something....nothing...

Long gap it has been. Yes. But you know, just happened. It's been 4 months of no blogging. Usually when you are learning something new you do not want to take pauses or gaps just so you don't lose that rigor, that freshness, that magic, that kick. Interestingly for me this gap has created a better stage and more interest and fun in writing. Thanks to the few books, articles, blogs that I read during this time. Wish and hope I continue reading and writing with this new energy.

I have heard this many many times before and read it in all positive, philosophical, spiritual kind of books, articles, lectures, speeches and more that "One should let go of the past. Live in the Present and have Faith in Future." Sounds perfect and impressive and motivating. Secrets of "success" for many Successful people seems to be this "mantra". But, cannot discern how can we achieve that state of "letting go of the past"?  While I do understand that we cannot hold on to everything we have experienced in life and so we keep moving on in life. 

However, forgetting bad experiences but remembering the lessons learned? Forgetting negative images of life but keeping in mind the situations which caused those? Forgetting unwanted people in life and remembering what they brought into our lives? How is the "Forget" part possible with the "Remember" part? 

Living in just Today is definitely a blessing for anyone, if they can achieve that. It's imperative and momentous that we live THE moment, feeling the breeze (warm of course now that its summer :) ), hearing the birds chirping-singing-rushing busily to attend their chores for the day. Walk with the stream of the day. Warming up with sunshine, getting wet in rain and retiring for the day at nights. I feel like with all this, there is that sensitivity and emotional element as humans in us all. The connection between the senses, the brain and the heart. Which often throws us into some memories in the past, reminding us of something or someone or some day in the "Past" that holds some association to that THE moment.

Now, talking about the Future. WOW. This word is sometimes exciting, challenging, hopeful, courageous, enthusiastic, intrigued, inspired what not. And sometimes this same word seems like uncertain, perplexed, disillusioned, despair, distressed, paralyzed etc. 
Anyway, this is what I actually wanted to say, you lay the foundation today so you can build the home tomorrow. You sow the seeds today so you can see the seedlings tomorrow. You read the book today so you can take the exam tomorrow. Where is my "Today" vanishing from my tomorrow when it becomes the past. 

Like they say, "There's so many different worlds, And so many different suns, And we have just ONE world but we live in different ones". 

Whether you are an Atheist that has faith in self than some invisible force called GOD, or a neutral Agnostic, or a Theist that prays every day to GOD and says you are my Savior. Who so ever we are, one thing in common to us all is, we have this immense trust, unyielding faith and unabridged hope on Tomorrow.

For it has been proven time and again , Tomorrow always brings a New and Bright Sunshine. 

All the love, affection, attention I get I embrace. All the ignorance, dejection, indifference, dismay, deprivation and desolation I get I endure. All the strength, energy and motivation I get I entwine FOR that is my real Courage for my Tomorrow.

So friends I want to say... no, actually I am not saying it, but I am sharing from somewhere I read this...


Friday, February 20, 2015

What's my FACE?

Finally after the "typical" winter I have this luxury to enjoy warm sunny days as a privileged Texan so early on in the season.( Yes I know, sadly, cold winds are ready to blow this weekend) So, today was another such warm days making me all set for a long 4 mile walk.

My usual routine coffee break( I carry coffee with me ;) ) looking through the silent blue waters reflecting the magical blue sky,  sitting by this beautiful lake in my community. I adore the lovely swans calmly and quietly enjoying their ride with their loving companions. Feeling the cool breeze which is occasionally becoming gusty wind, I am distracted by the delightful wooded site with falling acorns ensuring to break the silence of  the moment. Makes me feel calm and relaxed. So as I sit leaning backwards with my hand support, there, I see my shadow. Forgetting the delicacy the moment has to offer I suddenly quit enjoying all this and looking at my shadow I said....

What's my FACE? What is it? What is it that makes me - ME? - "WOMAN" in ME.

Even though it seems like I am lost in another world with the nature's beauty around me, yet "I" suddenly think about my yesterday, worry about my tomorrow and forget about my "Today". THE MOMENT. After all, this is THE MOMENT I should live in. In reality all our yesterday's are our track records and today showcases a reflection of yesterday paving way for tomorrow.

"I" become a part of the roller coaster mechanical ride of life , no matter how many turns and how many rides, desires seem unquenchable. Chasing my dreams of achieving bigger and smaller things in life, "I" run and run and run. Some successes and some failures. Like Tagore says it, some of My desires appear like mirages, away from my heart, I stretch my hands to catch them, To heart they never come back.

"I" am the daughter, the mother, the sister, the wife, the friend, the lover. "I am" the glory, "I am" the disgrace. "I am" the achiever, "I am" the failure. "I am" the lucky charm and "I am" Jinx. "I am" beautiful, "I am" ugly. "I am" intelligent and "I am" not at times.

"I" become innocent  at wrong times. "I" am the smartest at the right times. "I" wear Chanakya's cap when in need. "I" become Mandhara at fateful times. "I" am fearful at weak moments. "I" become Fiery at brightest moments.

Parts of the world "I" rule. Parts of the world rules me. Parts of the world I am placed on a high pedestal. Parts of the world throws me in garbage. No love, no fear, no sympathy, no care, no gentleness, no "HUMANITY" exists in parts of the world which merely looks at me as only a body with flesh and blood. From Satya Yugam* of complete morality to  Treta Yugam* to Dwapara Yugam* to now Kali Yugam* of no morality "I" see my decline along with my rise.

I believe, after Maha Vishnu' s** incarnation of Dashavatharas***, it's now righteous time for "Raja Rajeswari Devi" ( The Supreme goddess of power as per Hindu Mythology ) to bring her Kaalikaa swaroopam
 ( fiery form of Goddess to kill Rakshasas on earth ) -  her divine form to the earth and bestow the powers into Women for the Vilaya Tandavam ( the dance of decimation that delivers the good from the evil)

My anger, my frustration, my courtesy, my politeness,  my authority, my command, my confidence all happen because I am human. My sympathy, my trust, my forgiveness, my forgetfulness, my hatred, my love and its fearless expression all are driven by one single word "COMPASSION".

Compassion because the only creation of the universe that has the power to give birth to a LIFE is called "Feminine Power".

I desire, wish and pray that WORLD should remember this thought every moment and always it's the "Feminine Power" that needs to be honored and protected and preserved - Respect "THE WOMANHOOD".

Let me conclude my blog today with this quote, just few lines from Tagore's poetry...

"O Fiery and Fearsome Where forgiveness is but a weakness 
May I be ruthless at your command
Let my tongue lash out like a sword Flashing words of truth at your cue
Let me protect and preserve your honor 
When I take my place at your seat of judgement The one who does wrong
And the one who lives with the wrong May they both be scorched and seared
By your contempt and scorn"

( * - Explanataion for Yugas can be found here -Treta_Yuga)  
(** - Maha Vishnu explanation can be found here -Mahavishnu)

(***- Dashavataaras explanation can be found here- Dashavatara )