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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Passing clouds

Unintentionally convoluted so deeply into the roller coaster of life , missed to capture many of  such emotions which were to be treasured in blogs like this. Here's a little something straight from the  heart on to the blog. Especially for those friends that constantly encourage me to write blogs. Thank you, you know who you are.

In a world where most of the relationships are more materialistic, more artificial, more synthesized and more based on analytical and logical reasoning, can there be a pure soul connection?  People come and people go. Each one teaching life lessons if we are willing to learn. Some people make lasting impressions while some we don't even remember. Some relations become very precious and some we don't know how we ended up there. Did you ever get into a situation in life where you asked yourself  - why me?

Wonder if anyone ever found answer to the - WHY ME - question.  

People say everything happens for a reason. 
If you believe in this thought then it becomes easier to handle tough situations. Also helps build acceptance of situations. If we have this level of acceptance, and if ever we get to a crossroad in life and do not know which is the right way to go then the inner strength will be so strong to show the way and give courage. The belief that everything ever happened or happening is for a reason is really really strong. All will be well at the end. If it is not well now then it is perhaps not the end. 

Each person that walks into our life has a specific role to play. Their character is limited per their creation. So when people do not meet our expectations we need to understand that our expectation is beyond limits.

I read somewhere that people are like clouds. And you as a soul are like the earth. You have to remain grounded. Clouds come and clouds go. Some condense even more and collide and fall as rain and reach you coz that's meant to be and other clouds just pass by. 

Some days in life are very cloudy while some other days are very dry. Sometimes there are those days when you have had too much of heat and when you least expect some un-season clouds just spread all over the sky with waves and waves of strong breeze that you would actually start expecting heavy rains. But either there will be a drizzle or , as you know, with too much of wind the clouds pass over clearing way for the beautiful sky to bring sunshine. So don't just get carried away with those transient moments my friends - for  Sunshine brings light into life than gloomy days of rain.

Have you ever experienced that moment in life when you feel like you are on top of the world and very quickly that feeling takes a complete turn, up-side down making you realize that it was actually a mirage - an illusion caused by hallucination of your thoughts. Thoughts -  because of some hidden desires or ambitions or sometimes because we are driven to it by some fake situations or fake words or fake people. As long as we remain grounded and are aware of the ground reality, we remain ourselves. But if this "fake"ness gets into us as a slow poison then it takes the same effect as poison which is the end of "you" or "me".  A strong blow of pain of reality is much better than a momentary false happiness.

After all clouds are meant to be passing by....people are meant to be passing clouds.


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  2. I agree with you except with one about people saying that everything happens for a reason.I do not think about this when I am having good times and all is hunky dory but remember when bad things are stacked against me!!
    Nice post!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think most of us do that. We dont seem to even get the thought of luck or GOD fear or you know any such things when in happiness. :) It's more needed when heart becomes weak and so we are not at our 100% potential to face life in weak or negative situations much like medication :)