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Friday, November 11, 2016


Many times I wonder thinking about relationships and people in general. Like, how we meet people in life, how we have an instant connection with some and an immediate disconnect with some. Often, although unintentional,  we just end up judging people. Categorizing them, branding them, creating first(strong) impressions of people we hardly know. Judging someone based on the limited visibility we have of their life/lifestyle.

So all this connect I am talking about, per most philosophical and spiritual view points, it is all Karmic(call it Karma). We have to have some Karmic account balances with people from previous times (or janmas) to feel anything for a person. Which is what compels one to either get connected or disconnected in a moment. I believe in this thought process strongly. I feel that no one walks into our lives without a reason. Whether it is about liking someone, loving someone or hating someone. Each feeling certainly has a reason. We must learn to respect that feeling and move on.

Mother, father, spouse, children, family, friends all happen for a reason. Just like we don't get to chose our family, just like we don't get to chose our birth and death we don't get to chose friends and people we dislike. They all happen for a reason. Each and every relation/connection of a person to another is actually soul to soul connection.

Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other says Paulo Coehlo in his book "The Alchemist". So true. The encounters are planned so the souls can meet up and settle their past account dues(Karmic). This might explain to a certain extent why we tend to be judgmental about people without our knowledge. Why we block our minds at times not to accept anything beyond those first impressions.  Break that. Start accepting life as it comes. Start loving. Heart feels lighter and gives way to love. Like Maya Angelo quotes, Love is liberation. You love, you liberate your soul breaking the chains of negativity.

Back on the topic about connections with people, I have been fortunate to have some beautiful soul connections in my life. I found my soul mate, my best friends for life, my mentors, my gurus. Older than me, younger than me, very elderly, men, women even kids. Two of these relations are the most precious to me. I do not know what to call them. They are very special because really there is nothing common between us and we are 30 plus years apart from each other but still bonded somehow. A friend's mom (Sudha Aunty), another friend's sister(Mala garu).

Unfortunately Mala garu, is not in this world anymore physically. She saw me just once and instantly loved me. We would spend hours discussing all possible topics in the world from music to people to customs to Indian culture etc. and enjoyed each other's company so much for 2 years. Mala garu migrated to US about 42 years ago. She would miss me very badly if I did not call her for a week. I am not sure what bonded us so tight. She was in her 80s and I was in 30s. It just happened. I miss her a lot.

And then, Sudha aunty. This is a very special relationship. Because we loved each other even before we actually met in person. Just a small quick conversation over phone and that's it. We would talk over phone occasionally and no lengthy conversations, but there is some connection. Met her couple of times and when I see her eyes shine bright as soon as she sees me it gives me tons of energy. Fills me up with love. Aunty and me are 35 plus years apart.

Wonder what can I give back to all these people in return for being in my life. I just love them beyond imagination.

Recently had another such encounter. Latha and I have been friends for a while over social media but never got an opportunity(created an opportunity) to spend some good time. One meeting and we got connected so well with each other and felt very comfortable. We have no school connection, no city connection, no work connection nothing at all. Perhaps, just soul connection :) .

Latha, you made me think about this and made me put these thoughts in writing today after a long gap. Thank You :)

Stay Happy. Stay Peaceful. Stay Blessed.


  1. I could so relate to it and feel it all the way, Raji. Yes, that connection...you put it in words so beautifully which I cannot. And hearing all this love in your melodious voice is even more beautiful and soothing. You made my day, gal. I will preserve this post, our friendship like an old bottle of wine or a fav. pickle in a jar for years to come...foe eternal.

  2. I can understand how you feel about connections. I had a friend who was 25 years older than me and then I have some who are as young as my kids. And yes, Latha is one of them and perhaps the dearest. Nice read, especially the thoughts leading to the personal bits later in the post :)