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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Just keep swimming!!!

P.S: Inspired by the three magical words of Dory(courtesy: Finding Nemo/Dory)

In the fish world...

What do you do when you are in the water and see all fishes swimming around?
Just keep swimming.

What do you do when on your way you realize ocean is too deep and surface is too high?
Just keep swimming.

What do you do when you come across obstacles and you are unsure of your strength?
Just keep swimming.

What do you do when you do not know your destination and how far you need to go?
Just keep swimming.

In our world...

In the roller coaster ride, each down slide, the state of plummeting down a hill, we experience a unique sinking feeling in stomach. A feeling where we almost feel like each part of the body is falling weightless. But we know we are going to be OK. And so willingly get onto the ride.

Same way, if we can remember, we may fall 100 times or 1000 times or more in our pursuit of life, we will rise. We are going to be OK. Then the journey is on. As we know, every failure is a stepping stone.  All we need is intent to rise, will power, courage and patience. Each time we fall, we can and will rise only if we want to. So, just keep swimming until you reach the end.

What does life give us? Depends on what we deposited in our account: Karmic account. Or so to speak, whatever you sow, so shall you reap. Focusing energies on outside world and comparing one's own life, blaming it on opportunities, luck, fate etc may not help in desolate situations.What helps is endurance. There is one thing life gives to everyone irrespective of Karma. Life LESSONS. I read somewhere that you get lessons until you really LEARN from them. Its really amazing to be forgiving but not forgetting. We need to LEARN from experiences, clean the heart, forgive and move on.

There will be times when you feel empty, no motivation, no inspiration, no reason to be what you strive to be. You may feel its all over. You may feel nothing is going to be right with you anymore. You may feel that your times have ended. But still that is not the end. As long as all the senses of body function well, as long as all the body parts are working the way they should it is not the end. The only end can be end of life. Until then, just keep swimming.

The very feeling of not being able to move in the direction you want to, means that there is the fire still
lit in you. There's that intent and desire to do what you want to do. That's good enough.  No need to push yourself to extremes. No motivation ? that's OK!. You can be shutoff for a while. But keep moving, may be in a slow pace. Just keep swimming.

Time changes, time heals, time brings you the needed energy in its own pace. Just take it slow. One step at a time, embrace the feeling you have at the moment and keep swimming.

When someone just starts to learn swimming, think of the journey. It begins at 3 ft or 4 ft and goes on to may be 18 ft deep or more. 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters. Something one would not perhaps have had in their mind when they began. The times when they would swim like 100 meters or less, pause and gasp. Swimming sideways to catch side railings for support. Then finally finding the way to swim away.The times when one is closing eyes and swimming as fast as they can since they do not want to see the end. Just want to finish it. That's it. Because they are scared of the distance, and the hardship in the journey. And once and only once it takes to reach the end then you know you can do it.

Instead of looking around and seeing the people who are swimming faster than you, people who are winning races, if you start focusing on your journey and enjoy every bit of the learning experience its much fulfilling and joyous. Keeping
in mind, where you came from, where you began, how far you made it. So again, the summary is "just keep swimming".


What do you do when every step you take brings you to new obstacles?
Face it, head on.

What do you do when you are failing at every step?
Take the step up. Its a ladder to move up.

What do you do when actions of everyone around you including your own people, pull you down, make you feel worthless, manage to work with your brain to influence you on the negative side?
Calm down, step back, go away from everyone and get closer to yourself. Look at your inner self. Follow your OWN instincts.

What do you do when life seems empty and you just don't want to do anything?
Embrace it, give yourself a break. Shutdown and take a pause. Nothing will break. Life still moves on. Your train will come in the next hour so you could continue your journey.

What do you do when you are unpleasantly surprised by life each time you are prepared to fight and there is a new challenge?
Take it up. Fight it. Winners don't quit.

Essence ....again... JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!

Every night must bring a sunrise to follow.
Every fall must bring a spring to follow.
Every pain must heal.
Every prayer must be ANSWERED.
Every failure must march towards SUCCESS.


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  1. Only if each of us kept these three words in mind, there would be lesser people thinking of suicide and ending one's life abruptly. You are right...we just need to keep swimming....we have only one life...or else you're gonna drown. 😊