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Friday, February 20, 2015

What's my FACE?

Finally after the "typical" winter I have this luxury to enjoy warm sunny days as a privileged Texan so early on in the season.( Yes I know, sadly, cold winds are ready to blow this weekend) So, today was another such warm days making me all set for a long 4 mile walk.

My usual routine coffee break( I carry coffee with me ;) ) looking through the silent blue waters reflecting the magical blue sky,  sitting by this beautiful lake in my community. I adore the lovely swans calmly and quietly enjoying their ride with their loving companions. Feeling the cool breeze which is occasionally becoming gusty wind, I am distracted by the delightful wooded site with falling acorns ensuring to break the silence of  the moment. Makes me feel calm and relaxed. So as I sit leaning backwards with my hand support, there, I see my shadow. Forgetting the delicacy the moment has to offer I suddenly quit enjoying all this and looking at my shadow I said....

What's my FACE? What is it? What is it that makes me - ME? - "WOMAN" in ME.

Even though it seems like I am lost in another world with the nature's beauty around me, yet "I" suddenly think about my yesterday, worry about my tomorrow and forget about my "Today". THE MOMENT. After all, this is THE MOMENT I should live in. In reality all our yesterday's are our track records and today showcases a reflection of yesterday paving way for tomorrow.

"I" become a part of the roller coaster mechanical ride of life , no matter how many turns and how many rides, desires seem unquenchable. Chasing my dreams of achieving bigger and smaller things in life, "I" run and run and run. Some successes and some failures. Like Tagore says it, some of My desires appear like mirages, away from my heart, I stretch my hands to catch them, To heart they never come back.

"I" am the daughter, the mother, the sister, the wife, the friend, the lover. "I am" the glory, "I am" the disgrace. "I am" the achiever, "I am" the failure. "I am" the lucky charm and "I am" Jinx. "I am" beautiful, "I am" ugly. "I am" intelligent and "I am" not at times.

"I" become innocent  at wrong times. "I" am the smartest at the right times. "I" wear Chanakya's cap when in need. "I" become Mandhara at fateful times. "I" am fearful at weak moments. "I" become Fiery at brightest moments.

Parts of the world "I" rule. Parts of the world rules me. Parts of the world I am placed on a high pedestal. Parts of the world throws me in garbage. No love, no fear, no sympathy, no care, no gentleness, no "HUMANITY" exists in parts of the world which merely looks at me as only a body with flesh and blood. From Satya Yugam* of complete morality to  Treta Yugam* to Dwapara Yugam* to now Kali Yugam* of no morality "I" see my decline along with my rise.

I believe, after Maha Vishnu' s** incarnation of Dashavatharas***, it's now righteous time for "Raja Rajeswari Devi" ( The Supreme goddess of power as per Hindu Mythology ) to bring her Kaalikaa swaroopam
 ( fiery form of Goddess to kill Rakshasas on earth ) -  her divine form to the earth and bestow the powers into Women for the Vilaya Tandavam ( the dance of decimation that delivers the good from the evil)

My anger, my frustration, my courtesy, my politeness,  my authority, my command, my confidence all happen because I am human. My sympathy, my trust, my forgiveness, my forgetfulness, my hatred, my love and its fearless expression all are driven by one single word "COMPASSION".

Compassion because the only creation of the universe that has the power to give birth to a LIFE is called "Feminine Power".

I desire, wish and pray that WORLD should remember this thought every moment and always it's the "Feminine Power" that needs to be honored and protected and preserved - Respect "THE WOMANHOOD".

Let me conclude my blog today with this quote, just few lines from Tagore's poetry...

"O Fiery and Fearsome Where forgiveness is but a weakness 
May I be ruthless at your command
Let my tongue lash out like a sword Flashing words of truth at your cue
Let me protect and preserve your honor 
When I take my place at your seat of judgement The one who does wrong
And the one who lives with the wrong May they both be scorched and seared
By your contempt and scorn"

( * - Explanataion for Yugas can be found here -Treta_Yuga)  
(** - Maha Vishnu explanation can be found here -Mahavishnu)

(***- Dashavataaras explanation can be found here- Dashavatara )


  1. A wonderful angle to consider weaving compassion with the idea of female shakti!

    1. Thanks for stopping by reading and commenting Roshni :)

  2. Now that I got the essence of it, it's beautiful...I mean it..may be I read it in a hurry the other day. And...I could connect to it too :)

    1. Thank you Latha. I understand it often happens. :) Thank you so much for your time and efforts.

  3. Rajeswari,

    That was a great read.

    As I was reading your writing, I was reminded of another Tagore poem, Chain of Pearls.

    Mother, I shall weave a chain of pearls for thy neck
    with my tears of sorrow.

    The stars have wrought their anklets of light to deck thy feet,
    but mine will hang upon thy breast.

    Wealth and fame come from thee
    and it is for thee to give or to withhold them.
    But this my sorrow is absolutely mine own,
    and when I bring it to thee as my offering
    thou rewardest me with thy grace.

    1. Thank You Pranavi for stopping by and reading. Beautiful poem of Tagore's. I never read before. Thank You.

  4. As you have rightly said,there can be no creation of men and women without the feminine power that nature has endowed on women.Yet the womenfolk have long been treated as unequal and kept subservient in social,economic and political spheres.It is changing albeit slowly.
    I liked the easy flow of your writing.Thanks for visiting my reflections blog.My main one is a story blog www.kparthas.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much for visiting here and leaving your comment. Yes I did visit your story blog. I read only 2 and felt there's soul in your stories. Am I allowed to share these stories?