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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

To the hungry Hearts....

My previous blog I ended touching upon the "Season Of  Hope" as I wanted to end on a positive note - HOPE. A good friend of mine, Bhaskar suggested to write a blog on this alone as my subject. Thanks to Bhaskar for this suggestion. I like this idea and thought, because like him, most of us do see a very deep and intense thought in these 3 words "Season Of  Hope".
"Hope" is the basic fundamental quality of every human. As breath to life , hope to us. We breathe life into this word "Hope" every each minute of our lives. Dreams TO reality, nights TO days, conscious TO subconscious, knowingly TO unknowingly : Hope always stays with you , lives with you, flies with you, rests with you. Break it and it bounces back. Kill it , rises up springing high.
To borrow Emily Dickinson's poetry...
“Hope” is the thing with feathers -That perches in the soul -And sings the tune without the words -And never stops - at all -
Absolutely, it never stops singing the tune into your soul. Don't you agree? We wish for something and we don't get it. We fall down but we rise up again, hoping for a better tomorrow. We lose something precious in life, we still won't stop, hoping for a better tomorrow we continue the search. The so called social animal "Man" comes across so much sadness , so much negativity, around the society. We read about, we hear about, we watch the news and realize there's so much sorrow around us. But, we still light up hope.  We still hope for a better tomorrow and Rise Up. This is something perhaps that differentiates a social animal from the real one. 
As I am writing this, the recent shattering news on Peshawar attacks,Hostages in Sydney, suicide bombers, merciless killings of innocent... what not they all resonate within me. Certainly any human with a heart would be moved, disturbed and feel devastated and so helpless.  We tend to think is this all about life? Is this where we live? Etc..Going down this lane...I am sure to get deviated from my topic so let me stop this topic here with a tearful and heartfelt condolences to all those families who lost their dear ones especially this year. All my prayers for them to be strong.
Hope and look forward for THAT better tomorrow.  As much as falling down in life's race is natural , so has to be getting up and catching up on the race. I believe that winning is not defined by reaching the goal first, it is defined by the attitude to reach the goal. The very intent and attempt to reach that goal makes a person winner. We all know that Failures are stepping stones to success. But recently I read this in Facebook shares "If you haven't failed then you haven't tried anything new". So true, What is your success without you trying your own ideas.  
I have failed in many attempts to not be shaken by failures in life or sadness in life, but I guess that is very  human.  Most importantly, I am glad that I could emerge out of those situations each time turning wiser. 
After the Peshawar attacks, which in no way or no means a forgivable incident, a friend posted on Facebook. He says "Is everything normal??" What he meant is just a day ago each of us made so much noise and cried about the incident and today we are all tweeting normal, back to normal on Facebook  and living normal. Is that it? That was his intent in the post - A question. There is an unfortunate answer to this, which is "YES". Everything goes back to normal. Nothing in the world can STOP nothing to be normal. As life is the name of living...keep on...go on....and on...until your last minute.
We must be normal no doubt, but if we have a heart for the people around us, known or unknown, then there is another additional step we can take. Pray for peace and happiness and again...HOPE for a better world full of LOVE for tomorrow. Let the innocent buds blossom into flowers and spread their fragrance and beauty and charm to the world. Let all humans be HUMAN. Let the world be the HEAVEN ON EARTH.
Our prayers will be answered if ONLY they are as pure, as selfless and as serene as a baby's smile. 
Not just this season but every season has every reason to be "THE Season Of  Hope". Borrowing few lines from Maya Angelou...please read every word carefully it is very valuable...
"Just like moons and like suns ; With the certainty of tides; Just like hopes springing high; 
Still I'll rise "

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