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Friday, June 19, 2015

Want to say something....nothing...

Long gap it has been. Yes. But you know, just happened. It's been 4 months of no blogging. Usually when you are learning something new you do not want to take pauses or gaps just so you don't lose that rigor, that freshness, that magic, that kick. Interestingly for me this gap has created a better stage and more interest and fun in writing. Thanks to the few books, articles, blogs that I read during this time. Wish and hope I continue reading and writing with this new energy.

I have heard this many many times before and read it in all positive, philosophical, spiritual kind of books, articles, lectures, speeches and more that "One should let go of the past. Live in the Present and have Faith in Future." Sounds perfect and impressive and motivating. Secrets of "success" for many Successful people seems to be this "mantra". But, cannot discern how can we achieve that state of "letting go of the past"?  While I do understand that we cannot hold on to everything we have experienced in life and so we keep moving on in life. 

However, forgetting bad experiences but remembering the lessons learned? Forgetting negative images of life but keeping in mind the situations which caused those? Forgetting unwanted people in life and remembering what they brought into our lives? How is the "Forget" part possible with the "Remember" part? 

Living in just Today is definitely a blessing for anyone, if they can achieve that. It's imperative and momentous that we live THE moment, feeling the breeze (warm of course now that its summer :) ), hearing the birds chirping-singing-rushing busily to attend their chores for the day. Walk with the stream of the day. Warming up with sunshine, getting wet in rain and retiring for the day at nights. I feel like with all this, there is that sensitivity and emotional element as humans in us all. The connection between the senses, the brain and the heart. Which often throws us into some memories in the past, reminding us of something or someone or some day in the "Past" that holds some association to that THE moment.

Now, talking about the Future. WOW. This word is sometimes exciting, challenging, hopeful, courageous, enthusiastic, intrigued, inspired what not. And sometimes this same word seems like uncertain, perplexed, disillusioned, despair, distressed, paralyzed etc. 
Anyway, this is what I actually wanted to say, you lay the foundation today so you can build the home tomorrow. You sow the seeds today so you can see the seedlings tomorrow. You read the book today so you can take the exam tomorrow. Where is my "Today" vanishing from my tomorrow when it becomes the past. 

Like they say, "There's so many different worlds, And so many different suns, And we have just ONE world but we live in different ones". 

Whether you are an Atheist that has faith in self than some invisible force called GOD, or a neutral Agnostic, or a Theist that prays every day to GOD and says you are my Savior. Who so ever we are, one thing in common to us all is, we have this immense trust, unyielding faith and unabridged hope on Tomorrow.

For it has been proven time and again , Tomorrow always brings a New and Bright Sunshine. 

All the love, affection, attention I get I embrace. All the ignorance, dejection, indifference, dismay, deprivation and desolation I get I endure. All the strength, energy and motivation I get I entwine FOR that is my real Courage for my Tomorrow.

So friends I want to say... no, actually I am not saying it, but I am sharing from somewhere I read this...



  1. Exactly today I read a friend's whatsap status which said like this : "Accept what it is, let go of what it was, have faith in what it will be". Your post reminded me of it again. Yes, it is hard to forget the past, but not impossible. When the past had only sorrows and miseries, then why spoil the the present brooding over it? Aren't we killing the present by doing so? If the past was nothing but all happy and glory, then live the present with memories of the past. Most of us kill our present by worrying about the future and don't realise the present is slipping away like a fist full of sand.
    Okay, let me stop here. :) or else I will end up writing a comment post. To sum it up all, something someone wrote in my autograph book when I was in 10th. "Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts". I don't know why but this saying just got bookmarked in my brain forever.

    1. Thanks Latha for stopping by and reading :)