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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Khayaal - E - Khaas


Change is the name of the game….Of course every day is not the same and so settles in History...times do change...

दिन बदले रातें बदली ...जीने के अंदाज़ हैं बदले .......

Sure...being practical or a dreamer is totally an individual's choice of life....

I am a dreamer myself ...no doubt...and I enjoy living in my fantasy world often created in my imagination. Does not mean this only happens when I am all alone or with myself... no...not really..... I do weave the threads of imagination even when I get just a moment of echo… say at a traffic light while driving or the trigger could even be FunAsia 104.9 FM to ... a car in front of me....to...the bright orange evening sun who is ready to say good bye to this part of the world for the day so he can shine bright in the other part of the world....anything....anything….anything…

Point is...if you are a dreamer you get this golden chance of living in few precious and most beautiful moments of life even if it were meant for a second....and even if it were just in your imagination.

Memories from recent Jaipur trip with my friends colored my imaginary world really Eastman…J

July 16th 2014 remains special to me forever for many reasons….My first visit to Hyderabad after it is no more the same in history. One thing I must say...being a true Hyderabadi.....chahe kuch bhi badal jaye...Hyderabad ki baat hee kuch aur hai. Accepted that the metropolitan culture pushed it to a different world of living, fun and entertainment.....but even today you want to enjoy that roadside panipuri....or chai...even the fresh roasted makka butta....you still can. That part of Hyderabad still co-exists. I was a little apprehensive at first but glad I found it intact...that "Apnapan..."

Thanks to my dearest friends from school for just being the same even after years and years lonnng gap...bringing in the same rhythm each time we meet and connecting the dots from where we just disappeared in life's kaalachakram. :)

Let me go back in thoughts to my most memorable experience to cherish… my journey into the history - THE RAJASTHAN TRIP


When we took the flight after a "supposed to be sleep over" place at freinds house that night....we were like Zombies....mainly because of complete sleepless night of sharing...laughter....talking and talking and talking to the power of infinity....

All we were looking forward in the trip was just a break from regular life where we can chill out and have masti...and of course goes without saying… “some” shopping and come back "HOME". We were taken by surprise to find this trip where we not just had fun and enjoyed and rejuvenated but were deeply inspired by INDIA's rich treasures.

What a beautiful trip it was.... as I recall…Jaipur to Pushkar to Ajmer to Udaipur....

Ajmer Dargah...with centuries of history
World's only Brahma temple - @ Pushkar

Udaipur palace

When we 3 ladies were ready to get set for the trip.... everyone warned us…along with our parents some of our common friends too...to be careful and you know the usual stuff....watch out...don’t trust people ....be ready to defend when needed …kind of advices. But either we were very fortunate or there is still goodness and kindness alive in the society we only came across very helpful....kind and good personnel.

Be it Sawai Man Singh III (his real name is “Amar Singh” I gave this “Sawai” name to our driver because of his kindness - you will know why Sawai as you keep reading) He’s the one who took utmost care of us from the moment he picked us from Jaipur airport till he dropped us back at Udaipur airport) a very very kind and sweet person.

Another Rajput we met was our guide (I call him Raju Singh “The Guide” J) who took us through the journey of "THE GREAT AMER FORT". Palace and Fort together in one place. He was guarding us against those local hackers. His special gift to us was the “facebook photo”. He actually took these photos and took our promise that we will post them to facebook. LOL…

Most important person that I cannot forget is Syed Mehfooz Niazi our guide at Ajmer Dargah. I would say he is a perfect example of humanity and kindness and religiousness. He gave us definition of what being religious truly is. And yes…we did take a picture with him…

Our guide at Udaipur palace (Sorry forgot the name) who very patiently without getting frustrated waited as we kept breaking his flow of speech (May be I must say “emotion”) for roadside shopping at least 5 to 6 times.
Our shopping mall @ Udaipur

Here's a view of the magnificent Udaipur palace with modern day restoration

The doorman at Leela Mahal Palace, Udaipur, always with the broad smile....a waiter who had to have all the patience in the world to deal with 3 women struggling to get the best of the best pic in hot sun making sure we have no sun glasses and at the same time not closing eyes...Bhayya ek aur....ek aur...please ek aur....phew....you know how it is to get “that” perfect picture. Ohh...yeah....and he surprised us at the end of our conversation saying..."madam...మీరు Hyderabad నించా ...నేను  కూడా " and gave us a very broad and mischievous smile conveying that he understood “everything” that we were babbling taking granted that none of the people there would know Telugu. :)

Everyone and everything was very very pleasant and lovely.
Jaipur, A city which magnificently stands as testimony of times reflecting the traditional Rajput Architectural design. Supposed to be in the beautiful "Terracota" (Geru) color for some reason gets its name "Pink City". One of the most culturally rich heritage cities in India... We were told that the city was "Pink" washed in honor of "Prince of Whales" visit and hence the name. This kind of did not give us the best feeling for obvious reasons...but and use of a specific sandstone giving it the hue(like terracotta)...as it happens incidentally the city was "Pink" washed to restore that beautiful hue and reflect its originality when Prince of Whales arrived just as they would do for any prominent person. (reference : Making of an Indian City by Vibhuthi Sachdev )

 Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh (Sawai is a title of honor used in India, it means - one and a quarter of an average man in worth) who's name later became the City name itself, seems like had a strong inclination towards science and mathematics. Our guide was taking lot of pride talking about him specifically mentioning...Jaipur is not just culturally rich in heritage but also scientifically rich.

Riding the elephant all the way to “Ganesh Pol” …feeling literally like Princesses…
as we were walking across the Amer fort…The Sheesh Mahal …The Deewan - e – Aam ….The Deewan – e – Khaas… The Baradhari of Man Singh I,

specially built Queen’s quarters their secret entrances and security systems.  Not to forget the beautiful carpet like garden which is surrounded by Maota Lake…

this reminds us of the most romantic and very subtle expression of love in Sonu nigam’s voice…”कहने को जश - ए - बहारा हैं ....” song from "Jodha Akbar", Here’s a picture of that garden…..


Wonder where to begin and where to end …what to talk about…is it the Amazing Rajputi art…coupled with Moghlai intricacy…or is it the architecture which is 845 years old showcasing to the modern world of the amenities that were already built in…..or should I talk about the way artisan used the natural colors or is it the never again and never before thought of building The Sheesh Mahal…which inevitably reminds us of the Evergreen Love song picturized on the GODDESS of beauty in Indian Cinema Madhubala…”प्यार किया तो डरना क्या ...”



Take a look at these pics to have a quick glimpse of the indescribable art and love and passion all put together - sheesh mahal it is.

 Talking about Rajasthan and not mentioning of those gorgeous ladies in ghoonghat…the traditional Rajasthanee music….and the graceful dance ...hmmm…not happening… Imagine stepping into a beautiful boat where you are being waited on …to be hosted and the ambience is very romantic and musical in a very perfect time that is sun set….your boat takes you to a completely candle lit(no exaggeration) palace like hotel …traditional Rajasthanee music and dance welcomes you to the heavenly place for the royal experience….That’s exactly what we experienced….here's a nazaranaa peshkash...a treat for your eyes... and you will be swayed….

Truly an experience makes you feel there is love and love all over the place. There is love in the air itself. This is how I felt….

इन लम्हों के दामन में। … पाकीज़ा से रिश्ते हैं 
कोई कलमा मोहब्बत का.  दोहराते फरिश्ते हैं 

नग्मे ही नग्मे हैं जागती सोती फ़िज़ाओं में 
हुस्न हैं सारी अदाओं में इश्क़ हैं जैसे हवाओं में 


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue :) And the pics too...

    1. Thank You Latha....I was so thrilled to read your blogs... You are super sweet. :)